Arriving in Bali

Our cheap flights didn't turn out as well as expected. After an early morning start, we soon discovered we couldn't get movies, a screen or food on the first leg to Brisbane. In the second flight we were a few rows behind three screaming children. The mother began crying and having a meltdown too.

My throat was getting dry and tickly so I had to drink water constantly. There were only two toilets on board for economy, so the queue reached a third down the plane at all times. I don't recommend flying Virgin!

We arrived and cleared immigration quickly. Didn't need a visa despite signs saying otherwise. The airport was huge and spacious. The bags took awhile and my padlock had been removed when i finally got it - a little alarming!

Outside the heat hit us like a thick damp blanket. We were looking forward to someone having a sign to pick us up but laughed when we saw a literal wall of taxi drivers and signs raised on selfie sticks. Luckily we spotted ours quickly, but couldn't find him again when we rounded the arrivals walkway. A nice Balinese man suggested we call our names over the loudspeaker, luckily that worked. The driver took us to a tiered carpark and made us wait by another row of Westerners as he got the van.

The drive was 30 minutes through a labyrinth of dirt roads with rundown shops and an occasional rice paddy field. We arrived to our amazing but remote villa with wall-less living areas. The heat remained think and heavy and I regretted the lack of walls, glass windows with aircon, but the bedroom did and that's what mattered most.

We rode scooters down the wrong way towards Seminyak beach, then back again to a close burger bar. The pork burger was expensive and 100% pork crackling with this gelatinous sauce that ran everywhere. By now it was midnight NZ time so I took myself off to bed early, partly because of the heat and partly because I was fighting a cold and an infected mozzy bite swelling in my arm.


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