Chance Encounter in Transit

We woke up at 4.45am to get our airport shuttle in Istanbul. The fact that we accidently booked the shuttle an hour too early sort of sums up the disorganisation in my travels. I am never so disorganised to the point where I miss buses or forget things, but I usually waste time doing silly things like that because I am too lazy to check things and be precise. 'Is this the correct tram: Oh well its heading in the right direction, it will do.' We waited an extra hellish hour in Ataturk Airport in the foodcourt while people shuffled around the burgerking line and I felt uncomfortably hot in my extra four layers of clothing I couldn't fit into my luggage.

When we arrived in Prague around 10.30am I had the sudden realisation that my friends from New Zealand were there. I was kicking myself that I had forgotten, because my bus to Wroclaw wasn't until 8pm. The internet in the airport wasn't working. Leo, Louise and I were all really tired, instead of making the most of being in a foreign city, we sat in the airport for 2-3 hours; at first next to the conveyor belt even though we had no checked luggage, then in Starbucks. Glamorous. I sent a facebook message to both my friends, but I had no cellphone with coverage or money in order to call.

After a while we transferred to the St Christophers lounge, our previous backpacker. Leo had lost his key, but found it again in Turkey and was determined to get his 2 Euro refund for it. We lounged there for another hour.

Then we decided to get food. After wandering around we chose McDonalds, because we were too starved to care. I checked my facebook again, still no word from my friends. We then decided to go shopping to kill time. It was getting dark, around 3pm. I lost Louise in the giant Mango store, and Leo had left earlier. We planned to meet at the bus station at 7pm. I eventually wound up in a cafe. I wasted more time until I got really bored of reading my travel guide. I walked past a hostel next door to the cafe and saw a computer in the lobby. I went in and begged to check my emails. There was a message from Ocean, at 5.30 saying they were at St Christophers Inn, where we had been earlier! I didnt even bother to reply because it was 6pm and raced straight to the hostel.

When I ran in carrying all my luggage the manager laughed! When I stayed last time I was in a similar state after I locked my wallet in a locker and therefore had no money to open it again. The receptionist took me to Millie and Ocean's room. It was so nice to see them! I thought I would be more excited, as I had been worked up about it all day, but it felt like no time had passed since I had last seen them in June 2012!

Ocean, Millie and I. The first New Zealanders I have seen in over a month. 
Now I'm back at Favela, Babel Hostel, Wroclaw. School is dull compared to travelling, but I love being back with the others!


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