Photo Essay


Krakow from Wawel Cathedral

Me, Rachel and Leo outside Wawel

Wisla River

Schindlers Factory


Work sets you free

Me and Joao in Aushwitz

Polish Forest

Polish cooking


Christmas Markets in Krakow

My second family

Me and Noemi

Kasper, Me, Wojciech (Leos homestay)

Krakow Sunset
I am in Wroclaw with all my friends, its good to be back! We are living in Hostel Babel still, which is right next to the train station, very handy. I also have better computer and internet access so I can finally upload all my photos in one go for you! Yesterday it was sad to leave. Kaspers parents took it upon themselves to feed me as much as physically possible for the journey back, I am so grateful because I now have to provide for myself and as the hostel has no kitchen, just a microwave it looks like sandwiches are going to be my staple meal. What they fed me - three cups of tea, a cup of coffee, tuna sandwiches, bread and butter, a plate of tomato and mozzarella, a plate of cake, plus for the bus - two sandwiches, four oranges, four bottles of juice, four chocolate bars... I think that was all!


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