Nie Polski!

Hello hello or should I say Czesc?
I am in Klucze right now, you might need to Google maps that. It is a little town which is out of Olkusz, which is about an hour out of Krakow!
Getting here was a bit of a nightmare. On saturday night in Wroclaw our friends hosted a big party for us. I got to drink polish beer, polish vodka (it's deadly), see a polish student flat in one of the colourful apartment blocks, and go to polish bars. I drank too much, told everyone I about NZ, and got proposed to by a polish man (apparently this is very common). I said no, haha! We got home at 6am.
My friends and I walking to Wroclaw town

Then we had training at the AIESEC office the next day, until 4pm Leonardo, Wanbin and I were taken to catch a bus to our town. Everyone else in the group is working in Wroclaw schools for the week.
The bus station was crazy. People running everywhere, shoving in their luggage, yelling in Polish... ahh! Both buses filled up before we had a chance, so we had to wait for the 8pm bus.
This meant we did not arrive in Olkusz until midnight, where guards ushered us out of the station babbling in Polish at us until I managed to pronounce Nie Polski - no polish. Suddenly they became a lot nicer. From there we found people waiting for us, and they drove us to Olkusz. P.s. polish drivers are crazy. 85km in a 50km zone while snowing??

My temporary home

Olkusz is a beautiful town, when we arrived snow had already blanketed the ground! My host family is really lovely too although none of them speak english. Noemi is 17 and looks after me and comes to all the classes I teach in school. She has 3 other sisters who are very cute. They are jehovahs witnesses, and the mother is a hairdresser with pink hair - this seems unusual to me! We sit in the evenings and practice each others languages. They are also obsessed with feeding me at every possible moment, my bag is filled with lunches I cannot eat but don't want to throw away. A phrase I know very well is pronounced 'nia yestem gwodna' (I am not hungry), although I couldn't spell it. I will have to talk about food in more details later, it is very different! Roast vegetables, bread, meat and cheese for breakfast... plus a prayer before each meal. Potatoes with everything, as well as this delicious drink which looks like artificial raspberry cordial but is actually boiled strawberrys, served hot! Yum. My polish is improving quickly out of neccessity. I built a little dictionary with important phrases, the polish spelling and the NZ pronounciation of the words... haha. It is very useful. Leo and Wanbin are staying with other students - Kamila and Oskar.

Snowball fight in Olkusz
The school is good, with our classes being back to back of students ranging from 14-17 years old. I find the oldest ones the most difficult to teach, and the planning of classes is hard too. I don't really think I could ever be a teacher! There is so much work involved.
Leo, Wanbin and their families are coming over for supper, as we had dinner at 3pm. We are planning a trip around Krakow and Aushwitz this week. Dozobaczenia - see you later!


  1. I was smiling and laughing the whole time reading this!
    You're so cute, I'm very happy everything is fine now :)
    And yeah, in Poland we have something like "traditional Polish hospitality" - my mom always wants my friends to eat more than they are able to :p
    Best wishes for all of you! <3


  2. take care! :))
    I needed to post something, because it's written "enter your comment", I thought it's similar to "enter your future", so I needed to tap and write :))

    hugs for everyone ! :)

  3. So good to hear from you and see where you are! The place looks amazing. We love the line of trees like Xmas trees in front of your house. So nice to have a white Xmas. Here it is grey and humid. Looking forward to the next installment! Mum x

  4. Thanks for the comments Magda and Wiola! It is good someone is reading my blog! And hi mum, the snow is so beautiful! Say hi to the others :)

  5. How exciting Sarah dear! What an adventure you are having :)


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