My second family

Hey! I still have no way to upload photos, but i really want to! I am with a new family, well tomorrow is my last night here, so this is a bit delayed. My new buddy is Kasper and his family. He belongs to the 1st school, Noemi was from the second school. The kids at the first have better english than the second, and our timetable is easier to teach. The difference between the families from the last is very noticeable. These ones are better off, more intellectual, but no less generous. However, the last families seemed more curious, more willing to converse. Perhaps Kaspers family is just being polite. Kaspers mother is a catholic accountant, his dad works in a factory, his sister is adopted. They also have a alsatian dog. Kasper is not your typical teenager. He has anarchy symbols sketched on his walls, listens only to punk rock, loves animals, wants to be a biologist and his favourite movie is zeitergist. Go figure. He is my mouth and ears to his family, as none of them speak any english at all. This makes conversation somewhat awkward. his favourite conversation topics are current events, problems with the polish economy (this is popular with everyone, including our students) and conspiracy theories. The first thing his dad asked me was did I like polish or nz boys more haha. Kasper also called his girlfriend his 'sweetheart', it was so cute. Last night we went to Rachels homestay Asha's house, it was extremely modern, unlike anything I have seen in poland yet. We made pierogi, polish dumplings, so yum! Rachel also made chinese seaweed and egg soup... That was different haha. At least I tried it!
Today Kasper and his friend Julia took me 'to the forest'. Initially not convinced I wouldnt die, it turned out to be fun. There were frozen lakes, fox footprints in the snow. We slipped and climbed up to this place where we could overlook Europe's largest desert, (its pretty small) and the surrounding cities. Kasper and Julia really do love animals, a bird briefly flew past and they immediately knew it was a female of the largest breed of European woodpecker. They also knew what a tuatara was in a later discussion! 
I have become so comfortable in Poland I have stopped worrying about everything and just relaxed a bit. Now my biggest concern is that my jacket and pants dont match my shoes. Since those are my only options for the weather, it kills me everyday. I also split my second pair of pants... its not the amount of food Im eating, I swear! Im going to use this as justification for shopping.


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