London is one of those places that feels so familiar, perhaps because I have seen it so many times on television and in movies. It is also one of those places you just feel cool being in. I had a great time, spending my first day recovering from jet-lag in Bexleyheath. I walked around the shops with my uncle, ate an english breakfast for lunch, walked through the park to the lake, and drank English beer in a local pub.
The next day I went into London by myself on the train. After immediately getting lost in at London Bridge I found myself in a market. I bought a creme eclair to eat until I found the river front. Then I 'did' the sights; the Tate Modern (a highlight), Globe theatre, St Pauls, Westminster Abbey (Queen Elizabeth I's grave!), Van Gough and Monet in the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square. I caught up with my uncle for a coffee on the Strand and he told me to go to Covent Gardens. I was expecting botanic garden but it turned out to be a mall with a buzzing christmas market happening... so cool. I was exhausted after trekking across the city, but still managed to stay awake to have a few drinks and a guitar jam with my cousin and uncle. Overall I loved London, two days was not nearly enough. You could stay months and still see new things I reckon.


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