Czeching out Prague

Wow Prague! Its such a cool city. I have just spent three days there and really like the atmosphere of the place. Everywhere are art posters, theatre advertisements and concerts. The buildings are so beautiful and so old. The place teems with history.
But there are also tonnes of tourists, I had to keep reminding myself I was one of them. We haven't really seen tourists in Poland and don't feel like ones ourselves.

Me and Leo left Emsi's house at 6pm. Then we got a bus to Lodz. When we arrived there was just an outdoor station covered in graffiti and grandmothers catching buses home after christmas. It was freeezing! We had a two hour wait, but after one hour I wanted to walk anywhere... under the motorways surrounding us... just to warm up! We found a trainstation immediately. It was warm but dirty there, filled with homeless people being ushered out continuously by guards.

Then we had our 9 hour ride to Prague. We arrived with only a couple of hours sleep at 5.45am. From there we tried to change currency. 25 czech Koruna is 1 Euro. Go work that out, I freaked out when a t shirt was 600 k! We then got the metro too far, caught it back, then found the hostel at about 7am. They told us check was at 3pm, so we stashed our bags and went to explore the city, exhausted and without a shower.

Louise and Leo dancing Gangnam style

City by night

Charles Bridge

John Lennon wall

The painted cathedral at Vsehrad

The view from the fortress

Sunset at 5pm

The streets below the castle

We wandered along the river to watch the sunrise, saw Charles Bridge. Walked up to the castle and waited until midday for the Cathedral to open. It was really nice. Then Leo had the great idea of going to the national theatre. We looked up the timetable and there was a matinee performance of the Nutcracker by the Prague Ballet company with a full orchestra starting in a hour. We dashed to buy tickets and they were only 2 Euros! Bargain! We sat pretty much in the roof, staring down on all the nicely dressed families going out on Boxing Day. We were dressed in puffer jackets, docs and backpacks. I have never been so embarrassed about my appearance before. I fell asleep in the second half.
After the ballet we went to the hostel. I fell asleep but met Leo and another Brazilian he found, seriously Prague was absolutely packed with Brazilians, Raphael. We had dinner and went to a Czech bar to find some authentic beer. The bar was awful because everyone was smoking inside but the beer was nice.

Day two! More sightseeing! We wanted to go to this amazing Gothic museum but we accidentally went to a really boring modern one. It had the entire Czech history in it, some which I already knew from History 118 at Victoria. We spent most of the day getting lost and trying to find ourselves again because neither of us are any good at reading maps. We visited Vsehrad Fortress, the oldest castle in the country. There was a painted church inside. Louise met up with us in the evening. We planned to go out, but were stopped in our tracks by ordering a cocktail bucket to share. The night ended very quickly after that.

The thrid day was pretty empty, just wandering the streets and killing time before going to the airport.


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